ACA Daily Fail 11/19/13

See my post from this morning.  If I would have delayed any longer in writing that post, I would have lost my claim to prescience.

If you can’t apply payments and subsidies, you have no one covered, and thus no Obamacare.  This makes repeal an avenue that’s much more easily taken.


4 thoughts on “ACA Daily Fail 11/19/13

    1. Erik Petersen

      You have to assume the President and his people know this is a wreck, and is never going to work. They’re going to lose the Senate over it.

      So they’re just riding it out, hoping that when the time comes to address ACA via legislation, they’ll have figured out how they can bargain for what’s to remain.

      Individual mandate is going to go, I think. As with community rating.

      No-rescission stays.

      I’m not an Ayn Rander. Two weeks ago my wife drove me to the schoolhouse to vote for the levy after I had two margueritas already. You figure I’d be up for some mirth, but I happily voted for it.

      I’d pay a conventional tax for expanded Medicaid and high risk pools. Easier answer is just pay for it with fiat money, like we do everything else.

      1. pm1956

        I think the ACA is here to stay. Best shot the GOP can get from this is to hope that the problems continue long enough to affect the 2014 elections. But the ACA website will be up and working, eventually. MNSure website works, as do websites in other states w/ state run exchanges.

        Personally, what i think the President should do is to allow people across the country to sign up using the websites of the state exchanges that are up and working. This would mean allowing insurers to cross state lines (something that the GOP has proposed). Result would be huge benefits for insurers based in states w/ working exchanges (mostly democrat governors and legislators) and huge losses to insurers in state w/ GOP governors who refused to open state exchanges. That would probably cause some political turnover in GOP states/deep south.

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