ACA: the Daily Fail, 11/11

The gist of this, is the HHS need a workaround for the web site that’s not going to be fixed by 11/30

They promised it would be essentially fixed, and it won’t be.  K?  It just won’t be.

And it wasn’t all that credible a statement at the time, but they did put themselves on the line.

My question is, arencha obligated to fire Sebeliius at that point?  Or not, because it was essentially a CYA lie and to be understood as one.

That’s a tough one.

The other issue brought to mind is…. Who does the subsidy payment go to, if you are eligible for them?  The insurer?  Does it go to the premium payer / insured in form of a stipend?  Is it remitted in the form of a tax credit?  What?

Cuz this is a big deal.  So I suppose it is actually remitted to the insurer for benefit of the insured / payor.  Because ACA is not going to work any other way.  Otherwise premiums would not get paid and policies would lapse.

Thing is, they haven’t got a working subsidy calculator.

Less remarked on but no less important… there’s no indication they are able to remit these subsidy payments down the line.

One of the reasons I think ACA gets repealed is because none of these systems actually work.  It’s hard to claim a program is great when nothing actually functions.


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