Case study – ebay fees

I’ve ebayed for years.  Superficially, that reads sort of pathetic.  Oh well.  It’s been an important part of my side business.  Which is to say I don’t have a trashy buy / sell strategy and I’m not pushing Beanie Babies on the world.  How’s that for a rationalization that makes me cooler than those guys!

During the course of like 2000 transactions I never did bother to understand the fee structure.  Until now, as I just put together a separate account and Paypal to put some money off to the side.

So, time for a new spreadsheet with cool macro calcs that I’ve learned over the last 10 years.  AND, I sold 5 my first items and grossed $100 exactly.  What a wonderful number to calculate against.

For expenses, you pay Ebay’s commission, you pay shipping, and you pay Paypal fees on incoming money.  Having paid off all incurred fees, I have $78.74 left.

Really, you throw out shipping, as you figure buyer pays that even if you don’t itemize it off to the side.  All in all Ebay’s cut seems kind of steep though.  But whataryagonnado eh?  It’s a heckuva venue.


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