Before Big Papi

David Ortiz has the tactile feel of a Hall of Famer, though I look at his bbref this morning and see he only has 1630 hits.  That’s not enough, generally.  But he is almost certainly going to play two more seasons.  With that he’ll get close. In three seasons he’ll (very probably) surpass 2000 hits, and with that be voted into the Hall of Fame someday.  Heck, maybe his entry is assured by this point.

There’s a non-absurd alternate universe where David Ortiz is not non-tendered by the Twins after the 2002 season.  In this alternate universe he stays with the Twins through 2006 at least.  This is also not absurd.

Fair to say, perhaps even more probable than not, in this alternate universe of 2003 – 2006 a lineup of Mauer, Morneau, and Ortiz is the most formidable in the league, and captures a World Series one of those years.  I’ll pick 2006, where Mauer wins batting title, Morneau wins MVP, Santana is Cy Young, and Cuddyer also drives in 100.

The Twins non-tendered David Ortiz after 2002 and kept Dustan Mohr.  Not saying it was a choice between the two, inasmuch as they certainly made decisions on 7 or 8 other guys.  Just saying…. They kept Dustan Mohr.  And Bobby Kielty.


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