Flee and Tic

I quit smoking labor day of 2009 or so.  Tried to quit for about 5 years, and was also a passionate nicotine gum chewer during that time.  I went through a lot of generic nicorette gum over several years.

Fall of 2009 I went to managing my Asperger’s features / Adult ADD with adderall.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of nicotine or the adderall, but I have been a finger snapper since then.  Snap, snap, snap, all waking hours.  I don’t know how much it’s harming me.  Maybe not much, but I’d kinda rather not snap.

Other tics: 

I’ve had rather pleasant music running through my head all my life.  Various riffs, sometimes the same one for days.  There’s a clinical name for this I am sure, but this is commonly known as an earworm I believe.

I usually need a heavy quilt on me to sleep.  This strikes me as a parallel to Temple Grandin’s “hug machine”.

So there’s that.  Also prominently, I’ve been afflicted by being an immature goofball.


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