Douche Misanthropy: recognizing you have a problem

Democrat staffer gets canned from his low six figure gig on the White House staff…because he couldn’t help himself from snarking up the Twitter.

There’s no guarantee he’ll confront his culpability of course.  That’s I think a high bar from someone in the detached irony crowd.

I have many thoughts on douchebaggery and misanthropy.  I am, or was, a little misanthropic myself, certainly in the Holden Caulfield sense.  Combined with douchebaggery, this misanthropy variant is both an assertion of superiority and an inability to participate in a conversation in good faith.  Too much snark and overwrought wit sabotaging the discourse.  It’s a big problem, as you can see with Jofi.  I have every reason to believe they’ll be a diagnosis and therapy in the next 10 years or so.


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