Breaking Bad finale thoughts:

  1. Badfinger’s Baby Blue deployed pretty powerfully.  If your formative years we’re in the 80’s, like mine, you grow up having to listen to a lot of 70’s rock.  Even then I think me and my peers knew that Badfinger sounded a bit different than other bands.  I’m superficially surprised this song lasted a few decades without getting used this way.
  2. Suspension of disbelief dept:  a real M-60 would have done more damage, but probably would not have stayed affixed in a trunk.
  3.  Speaking as a Minnesotan, Gilligan really nailed what it’s like to be in a cold, snow covered car car.
  4. I knew that was a Saab without seeing the exterior.  Could tell by the neck braces in the interior shots.
  5. Those Saab’s were extremely tinny back in the day.
  6. I don’t find Breaking Bad as dark as the conventional wisdom says.  Hard to see how it can be as a ‘dramedy’.
  7. The 472 or 500 ci engine in Walt’s Cadillac is something a certain type of car guy will bring up.  That was an exquisitely placed piece of dialogue.

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