Jots with dots 9/16

AP: I’m going to stay by a guiding principle that says imprisonment is a punishment of last resort. AP is less likable each day, but I still don’t think this calls for jail time. These kids will recover easily, given the opportunity. They probably already have.

The idea has been posited that AP didn’t know how hard he was striking these kids, and a lot of people find that dubious. Think about this word: superhuman. It’s not actually comic book stuff. It describes people like AP as compared to normal people. We’re talking about a guy with say one of the ten best physical musculatures on the planet. He’s got superhuman strength, and the quality of that strength as compared to other people is absurd. What he doesn’t have is super human brains. He’s of average functional intelligence at best, and he’s young and sheltered as well. He’s got no depth of wisdom. It’s really quite possible he’s not smart enough or attuned enough to know he’s hitting his kids too hard.

Chait: Chait gores Thomas Frank, a misanthrope lefty. Frank is famous for his paean to the notion of Marxist false consciousness, ‘Whats the matter with Kansas’. Not all of Marx’ thought is crap, but false consciousness is. Chait gores the misanthrope left with some regularity. Not for being too goofy or too communist. Chait himself might be exactly as communist and goofy as the misanthrope left. But Chait gores the misanthrope left for not understanding that under American republican democracy the Overton window is open only so far to pet lefty potentialities. That’s what he’s doing here in this article. It’s glib, a throwaway piece done ostensibly to burnish his reputation for even handedness, to the extent he can claim that. But it’s a sleight of hand there, as it’s not a critique of lefty ideology, ie, not a critique of radical egalitarianism and redistribution.

Strikes me as an overstatement:

Maher V Rose, note 3: I’m provocative there when I characterize liberal antipathy to Christian religion. But what’s true is this phenomenon where liberals won’t call a spade a spade, for some strange reason that we haven’t come to agreement on. Worse, is they call conservative thinkers racists for calling spades, spades.

On the subject of cool sweat shirts. Urban Outfitters Kent State shirt I’m a square, so Urban Outfitters is not my world. But I can’t help wonder who’s world it is. Ya know, when I was in high school and college there was a large contingent of my peers who were bummed they didn’t live out the 60’s, and so they undertook these neo- hippie personas. I wasn’t one of those kids. My parents were not hippies, but they experienced the 60’s thoroughly in a way that the prosperous, small town Lutheran parents of my peers did not. And I had a fleeting, backward glance at that history as I grew up in the 70’s, so I did not consider the 60’s exotic. Still, I can’t see how a neo-hippie buys that shirt, it’s too much of an inside reference by now. And way too expensive at $129. I think it’s kind of clever as a gallery piece though.

Jots with dots 9/15 evening edition  I think it’s already been observed that the NFL amounts to the modern equivalent of gladiator games at the coliseum.  But that may not quite be it.  I think the NFL actually amounts to the modern equivalent of a weekly public witch burning, something like that.  At least in terms of the spectacle and the crowd.

On Maher.  Yes, he’s pretty smart.  Rose is certainly smart himself, and Maher’s smartness is overshadowing in that conversation.  Maher is right, and in complete command while Rose equivocates and douche talks.  See thing is, what Maher is doing is rejecting a false equivalency from the left, that being that all religions are the same in their unenlightened qualities.  It ain’t true.  Islam is worse, it hasn’t been enlightened.  Or the enlightenment it went through didn’t stick.  So why do liberals insist that it’s the same in its unenlightened qualities?  Really, I’m asking why.  Figure, A: the desire to superficially appear more welcoming to muslims apparently can’t withstand some truth and candor.  B: they want muslims as a constuency.  See point A.  C:  American liberals will always hate Judeo / Christianity more, regardless that traditional Islam is a more malevolent and corrosive presence in enlightened Western societies.  So Muslims get a pass from the liberals.

Replacements:  I’ve got no standing to wish I was at that concert, as I knew nothing of the Replacements in the 80’s.  But I wish I woulda been there.

Catching up with their old stuff on Pandora.  The guitar playing is a bit too coarse and high pitched for my tastes these days.  It is without a doubt organic rock and roll with a lot of energy.

Where my interests intersect in any explosion of nostalgia are with this Midway Stadium concert T shirt they have that plays on the old Twins logo.  Stinson and Westerberg are shaking hands across the Mississippi river.

I’D LOVE ONE OF THOSE.  Alas, the ebay price is in the hundreds now for these things.  In years to come, mint ones will be a $1000 dollar item in these parts, I am telling you.

Jots with dots 9/15

Yo Adrian. I’m from the upper Midwest and young enough that I never got corporally punished much.But generally, there is this thing where people are acting like they need a ‘switch’ explained to them, and this is a curiosity. It’s not that obscure a concept or a word.

We might ask why corporal punishment with switches was never prominent in the north and Midwest. I’d venture it’s been our lack of fibrous, boingy, shrub trees that grow in dryer climes and are elastic and resistant to cracking. This is no doubt a function of our relatively moist weather compared to the south and southwest. Unfortunately, that may not last with global warming. And with dry weather coming to the north and Midwest we’ll have more fibrous, boingy thickets replete with durable switches. A consequence is no doubt going to be an epidemic of excessive child punishment here. 97% consensus.

Anywho. I’m not a jock sniffer in general, despite an appreciation for baseball in particular. And I’m certainly not a football guy. I look down at its participants and fans with some snobbery. I will say though, while Adrian may very well deserve his engagement with the child protection system, what he’s done seems to be something less than ‘domestic violence’. And that maybe people should cut him some slack that they would not give Ray Rice. But, I’m just speaking to the tactile ‘feel’ of words and not substance.

There is this to say though, I think. With his success and superficial charm he’s the epitome of a marketable athlete, but capturing those dollars requires that his ‘personal brand’ not be sullied by the details of his personal life. And he’s deficient in character there. He’s got a bunch of illegitimate kids with a bunch of women. The problem moreso is that some of them live in squalorous circumstances, and some are apparently exposed to squalorous calamity when they visit Peterson himself. Had this been generally known, those endorsement dollars would be much more difficult to capture. But that stuff is ostensibly off-limits to the sports press while still being common knowledge. Not sure it should work that way in a rationale world.

O’s Chris Davis suspended for adderal: You’d think if Davis can get a prescription, he could get an exemption from MLB. Guess not so much, they must be kinda stingy with the adderall exemptions.

I just concluded a five year period in which I took adderall about every day. I was fatigued of it and couldn’t shake an oblique side effect, dry mouth. But yeah, so far as it is addictive….there was something about it that made me reliably take those pills every day. It wasn’t so addictive that I was compelled to abuse it so that it would give me more of whatever it was giving me. And when I finally wanted to stop, I stopped. That was last month.

And what was it giving me? Seems to me if you take it every day the ability to improve your concentration was less dramatic. You just ended up a little amped and twitchy. Probably did give you good reflexes and response though. I would not call that ‘concentration’. I will say … my dosage was such that I took a pill in the morning and one at lunch. Now, I have a side business, in which I make say “McGuffans”. I need to make about ten a week to keep up, and I have to do it at night and on the weekends. If I had a bunch of guys calling me, wanting their ‘McGuffans’ and I needed to work to get them out and didn’t want to… I took an adderall at supper. And this allowed me to kick fanny until about midnight.

So there’s that. It’s an upper, it’s an amphetamine.

Bill Maher, actually being politically incorrect…. And right. Ya know, I think he’s vulgar and obnoxious. And this is probably not in dispute. He is. But at zingy we’re all about truth, and not political parties. Maher these days repeatedly demonstrates an ability to discern truth.

NY Times and Pro-Publica, The Assault Weapon Myth.

Extraordinarily fine article. I put it to the Cntrl-F, and it does not find the NRA mentioned once.

It might deserve to be said additionally: it didn’t end up being a myth by itself, so what it is a lie. And the NRA didn’t make up that lie. It was lefty public policy fellows and academics who did that.

With the numbers so overwhelmingly on the side of the shooters and owners, I am unable to come up with a legislative / electoral scenario that would have been remarkably different, IE, one where the GC advocacy movement achieves something close to their stated goals or even moves the ball. But it’s hard to imagine the GC movement having been led worse. Democrats would do well to not listen to these people, and it appears that may be happening.

Jots with dots 9/12

Just one thing today, on Gritty St. Paul: We’re all up in arms about domestic violence, right? With Ray Rice and the NFL in the news, in the last couple days I was thinking about the times I was proximate to domestic violence. I was proximate to it at Beaver State a couple times, more than 20 years ago. I was going to write about this…if I could form some thoughts on it. And the thing was, as a proximate bystander say, I wasn’t a helpful presence in those cases where I encountered it years ago. I would say I minded my own business to a fault, and was deferential to people who didn’t deserve it.

So I’m walking to the parking ramp last night somewhat before 5pm, and there’s this guy strong arming this young woman, trying to get her to walk back up in the direction of Kellogg and Cedar with him. They were both younger than 30, maybe younger than 25, and there was a toddler with them. They were black, the woman was slim and pretty, dressed business casual. The guy was a hair shorter than her and had some kind of ghetto athletic suit on, maybe a zippered hoody, tank, and basketball shorts.

So I’m saying to myself, WTF, and wondering if it’s all mirth or wondering rather that I should know to understand that I am actually seeing what I am seeing. But she was obviously uncomfortable, getting her hair jerked and her arm twisted behind her back at various points. So I started walking up there, and was cautiously closing a gap of about 125 feet between us.

I think we’re talking about a 30 or 45 second interlude max here, and I evaluated all kinds of thoughts. One was, how am I going to make out in a fight with this dude? I’m superficially solid at 5’11, 200, and appeared to be a little bigger than him… but I’m a 45 year old desk jockey, and I never was one of these jocular, physical men. And not a fighter. I got to be mentally ready to go all in, because that’s how street fights are. It’s not a thing that allows you to kick ass, it helps you from not getting hurt. If I fall, I’m going to get hurt, and be very vulnerable. And…. he may have a gun.

I couldn’t tell if he had one or not. She backed up against the building there at one point, and he had his hand out pointing at her, inches away. He either had a little gun or he was pushing her against the wall by throat.

I called 911. This guy never held a lingering look on me, but it deescalated a touch, and they walked up to the corner and got in a parked Escalade, then turned and went down Kellogg towards the east side. I told the dispatcher all about it, and got the plate number.

This all feels a bit unsatisfying, as it’s not a situation that gets solved at that moment. I suppose a guy that carries could have rushed up there and broke it up, then held this guy for a cop.

But I’m sure I met my obligations as a man and was properly prudent. I’m all about that, probably moreso the prudence.

Jots with dots 9/11

Michael Moore is disappointed in the President OK, I can’t make like Michael Moore has a reasoned opinion on this. I can’t use him as an appeal to authority. So I’ll use this occasion to ask: what’s the deal with Michael Moore insisting on being a morbidly obese slob? He’s got the money to not be. He can get lap band surgery and buy some decent clothes. Is being a fat slob a way to demonstrate common man / populist authenticity? Similar to the way Keith Ellison plays fake Muslim so he can drape himself in pan-African authenticity? Is that it? Thing is, Bruce Springsteen does a Tom Joad / Woody Guthrie mashup where he troubadours in a plain blue shirt, jeans, and boots. He succeeds at demonstrating common man authenticity there, without being a fat slob. That’s the way to do it.

ISIS: Meh. The President will do what he has to do, what is required of the situation, good bad, or indifferent. I’m struck that ISIS as a word or acronym has the tactile feel of a comic book criminal organization. Which is apparently perfectly apropos..

Military advisors on the ground: We have a soft spot for military advisors here at Zingy. Though merely a pfc and a corporal, my father was a ‘military advisor’ for LBJ in 1965-66. This ‘advising’ was full of drama and close calls. His birthday was Tuesday, he’s 70 now.

Carney vs. McCain. It’s not that McCain stands stands firmly in the light of truth and wisdom. Ya know, he’s certainly not always right. It’s just that Carney is a lying sack of shit.

9/11/01 –Kid00 was somewhat short of a year old, and Wife71 and I had been married 18 months or so. We took a trip up to Duluth without the kid to hang out over the weekend. We were leaving that Monday morning when it happened. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said in terms of what it meant or how it felt. We rolled into Washington County, home territory, some time after mid day. One of the eerier things was, EVERYONE obviously thought, hey, this is it…. and they went down to the corner convenience store to gas up. Like we were all going to bug out and go somewhere that was better than where we actually were. And so they ran the local joint out of gas for about 4 days.

Jots with dots 9/10/14 – mostly breezy or poignant observations….

It’s cold and clammy out. I did not discern it to be that stormy, but I had to cross the bridge briefly and found the power out in Hudson. I-94 is bottlenecked from the east at Sunray into St. Paul, the highway being jammed with broken heroes on last chance power drives. I get into a parking ramp on Kellogg, and take something of a non-main vein skyway artery up to the Landmark area. Between the Pioneer Press building and the Victory ramp there’s a little jog and a nook where cameras must not see well. There was a guy sleeping on the floor in that spot in the skyway. I mentioned something apropos to the Mrs. a few weeks ago. Overall, there’s been a different vibe in downtown St. Paul this summer. Lots of transient types on the streets during the day. Then I read this today.

Microsoft is buying Minecraft. Oddly, my kids seem to view Microsoft favorably, as they are the maker of the XBOX. They seem to think Microsoft is mirthful and fun as a rule. Buying Minecraft doesn’t hurt that. Minecraft was invented by a Swede I understand. Which explains it being the weirdest / strangest video game ever.

Hilary v. Rand. Could happen. Ya know, should it happen, I don’t think it bodes well for Hilary. Perhaps counterintuitively, the old lions don’t come off well in these matchups of old vs young. There’s also this:

The Replacements are going over about as well as one can when revived for nostalgia…. Which probably means they have something more substantial going for them than merely being a nostalgia act. I knew very little of the Replacements in the eighties, I was just not worldy enough.